6 September 2016

An Image of students discussing.

Physics is one of the most gendered A-level subjects, and nearly four-fifths of A-level students are male. At the IOP, we’ve been working to understand this imbalance for a number of years. Our research suggests that girls’ experience in physics lessons, as well as wider cultural factors, may be presenting barriers that prevent female students from making a free, informed choice about continuing to study physics. We’re working with teachers and schools to try and break down those barriers, and give all students the best opportunity to enjoy our subject.

Using our research and our experience of working with schools, we have put together this teacher toolkit, designed as a quick, pick-up-and-go guide for physics teachers on inclusive teaching.

We also have a range of more in-depth resources and guidance, as well as reports and research, available on the IOP website.

These resources are © DfE and IOP and can be used freely in schools.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below – on these resources, and on inclusive teaching.

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  1. Ruth Patchett 2 years ago

    I really like the “10 Tips for Inclusive Science Teaching” but I was wondering if you had thought about the accessibility of this poster? Blue on blue is probably not very accessible for visually impaired teachers for example?

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