16 September 2016
Tuesday 20 September, 8pm

Here’s the third of our 2016/17 webinar series is a special guest lecture:  Growth Mindsets.

This session is run by Portsmouth University’s Professor Sherria Hoskins, and was originally part of the 2016 IOP Improving Gender Balance Conference.

Add your questions and comments below for your free copy of a PSHE lesson on gender stereotypes.

Here’s a message from Sherria:  “Thank you for watching this webinar. We hope it was of some interest to you. To help us continue to develop similar resources (and know more about our audiences), please respond to this short questionnaire. Thank you for any feedback you can provide.”

PS – TalkPhysics webinars are © IOP and can be freely used in schools.  Please do get in touch if you’d like to modify or use them for commercial purposes.


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