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30 October 2017
10:00 am - 3:30 pm
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This workshop is designed for new teachers of A Level Physics or technicians supporting such courses.

It will give you the opportunity to complete the following recommended endorsement practicals and discuss how they would approach them with their students

• Determine the acceleration of a freely-falling object in air and a liquid
• Determine the electrical resistivity of a material
• Determine the e.m.f. and internal resistance of an electrical cell
• Determine the Young modulus of a material
• Determination of the wavelength of light and sound by two source superposition with a double-slit and diffraction grating
• Determine the speed of sound in air using a 2-beam oscilloscope, signal generator, speaker and microphone.
• Investigate the effects of length, tension and mass per unit length on the frequency of a vibrating string or wire.
• Use an oscilloscope or data logger to display and analyse the potential difference (p.d.) across a capacitor as it charges and discharges through a resistor.
• Calibrate a thermistor in a potential divider circuit as a thermostat
• Investigate the relationship between the force exerted on an object and its change of momentum
• Determine the specific latent heat of a phase change and the specific heat capacity of a material
• Investigation of Boyles Law (constant temperature) and Charles’s (constant pressure) law for a gas

  • Available Spaces: 19
  • Contact Details: peter.tiktin@iop.org


  • Brooke Weston Teaching School
  • Coomb Road, Great Oakley, Corby, NN18 8LA
  • United Kingdom


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