IOP DOMAINS CPD Programme 2020/21

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3 August 2020 - 31 July 2021
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Welcome to IOP’s DOMAINS, our integrated CPD programme for all those involved in teaching physics. This programme consists of newly created CPD videos that complement live, interactive, online CPD sessions for each domain. This half-term we’re covering ENERGY AND THERMAL PHYSICS.

Energy and Thermal Physics CPD videos

A set of CPD videos (all less than 20 minutes each) covering aspects of teaching energy and thermal physics at 11-14, 14-16 and 16-19. View videos here on IOPSpark.

Live online DOMAINS CPD sessions

A series of live online CPD sessions exploring and building on the content of the CPD videos.  Book to attend a DOMAINS CPD session.

These sessions are hosted in our nations and regions and are designed to reflect diversity in teaching backgrounds and experience; our CPD videos and the follow-up CPD sessions will meet the needs of those in science teacher training through to those who are experienced physics teachers.

DOMAINS throughout the year

During this school year we will be covering the range of domains that we cover on IOPSpark. There will be a set of  CPD videos for each of these domains, aimed at teaching physics to different year groups. You will also be able to book onto national and regional support sessions specifically designed for all teachers of physics including  ECTs, NQTs, trainees and coaches. You can find out more about the DOMAINS CPD programme here.

Term 2020/21Domain
Autumn 1 (starting late Sept)
Forces (link to videos)
Autumn 2 (w/b 2 Nov)Energy and Thermal Physics (link to videos)
Spring 1 (w/b 11 Jan)Electricity and Magnetism
Spring 2 (w/b 22 Feb)Light, Sound and Waves
Summer 1 (w/b 19 Apr)Matter and Nuclear Physics
Summer 2 (w/b 7 June)Earth in Space

If you are unsure which nation or region you are in click here. You will also be able to find a link to your nation or region group page here.

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