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11 November 2016
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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This workshop is designed for any teachers or technicians who will need to deliver the new GCSE physics recommended practicals. It is one of a pair – this one will cover

1. An investigation to determine the specific heat capacity of one or more materials.

2. Investigate the effectiveness of different materials as thermal insulators and the factors that may affect the thermal insulation properties of a material.

3. Use circuit diagrams to set up and check appropriate circuits to investigate the factors affecting the resistance of electrical circuits. This should include:
• the length of a wire at constant temperature
• combinations of resistors in series and parallel.

You will have time during the day to actually do the practicals / consider alternative approaches / consider what is expected of the students

4. Use circuit diagrams to construct appropriate circuits to investigate the I–V characteristics of a variety of circuit elements including a filament lamp, a diode and a resistor at constant temperature.

5. Use appropriate apparatus to make and record the measurements needed to determine the densities of regular and irregular solid objects and liquids. Volume should be determined from the dimensions of a regularly shaped object and by a displacement technique for irregularly shaped objects. Dimensions to be measured using appropriate apparatus such as a ruler, micrometer or Vernier calipers.

  • Available Spaces: 22
  • Contact Details: peter.tiktin@iop.org


  • Brooke Weston Teaching School
  • Coomb Road, Great Oakley, Corby, NN18 8LA
  • United Kingdom


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