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28 June 2019
All Day
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Introduction to Geophysics

A free workshop for science teachers
Friday, June 28th, 2019 9:30h –16:00h
School of Earth & Environment at the University of Leeds

Geophysics is the application of physics to the Earth, and is shortlisted by the UK government as being a profession in high demand. Data collected both from the Earth’s surface and from space and the application of fundamental physical principles, allow us to study volcanism and earthquakes, and enable exploration of everything from hydrocarbons in the crust to the structure of the Earth’s deep interior.

This free workshop will provide:

  • an overview of exciting geophysical research carried out in our world-class research institution
  • useful links between geophysical topics and the school physics syllabus such as gravity, the Earth’s magnetic field and seismology
  • a hands-on exercise to locate an earthquake that can later be used in the classroom
  • a demonstration of geophysical equipment and ‘make and take’ your own seismometer.


Registration &further information :
Prof Jurgen Neuberg [email protected]
Venue: https://www.environment.leeds.ac.uk/see/doc/contact-us


  • School of Earth and Environment Leeds University
  • Leeds University, Leeds, LS2 9JT
  • England

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