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3 February 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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We will explore misconceptions held by students and how we can use some practical activities to overcome these. By the end of this session you will know what the most common misconceptions are and some ways to address these. In this session, we will reflect on the newly released videos, covering one or more key aspects of the recordings – click here to view them.  Videos relevant to A-level include:

This domains video firstly gives guidance into helping a-level students grasp a sound knowledge of electricity basics through the use of models. We then look at a practical approach of finding IV graphs and deriving ohm’s law for ohmic materials. This feeds into our final topics of potential dividers and internal resistance. We use ohm’s law to derive the potential divider equation and explain how we can treat EMF and internal resistance in a similar way.

Colleagues may wish to indicate specific issues that they would like to discuss using the “additional requirements” box.

Who is this event suitable for?
This event is for all those teaching physics. This event will cover key areas within the secondary physics curriculum. The session will be based on the videos for this topic; links to these videos can be found here. Experienced IOP coaches will host the session and will be there to expand on the content, answer your questions and provide support.

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The videos supporting the session are available here.

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