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26 November 2020
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

The focus of this session will be the kinetic theory and energy issues at A level. We will reflect on the new IOP DOMAINS energy videos available here.  We would encourage you to watch some of these videos before the session.

This session will pick up where the post 16 videos left off, looking at the thermodynamics of gasses and the energy transfers that take place when gasses are squashed or expanded.  We will then look at other aspects of the post16 curriculum where energy plays an important role, including the photoelectric effect, emission spectra, Lenz’s law.  Finally we will look briefly at energy in field theory.  Field Theory is a huge topic and will be covered more fully in the Post 16 Energy session run by the Yorkshire and North East team.   You are of course welcome to attend both sessions if you wish.

Colleagues may wish to indicate specific issues that they would like to discuss using the “additional requirements” box below.

This session will be hosted by David Farley, Ant Cliffe, Steve Pearce and Phil Furneaux.

Who is this event suitable for?
This event is for all those teaching KS5 or age range 16+ physics. This event will cover key areas within the physics curriculum. The session will be based on the new IOP DOMAINS energy videos. Experienced IOP coaches will host the session and will be there to expand on the content, answer your questions and provide support.

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