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19 March 2022
All Day
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Now online on Saturday 19 March 2022

Join the IOP North West Team for a day of CPD for all physics teachers, trainees and technicians. There will be sessions on many different areas of physics, including “Tones Tines and Tings” from David Cotton enabled by the Anthony Waterhouse Fellowship – A historic journey through the ideas of tone with lots of demonstrations and ideas applicable to the classroom.  Our keynote ‘Forecasting Solar Radiation Storms’ from UCLAN, explores severe space weather and how it can affect our lives on Earth.

Programme for the day

10 – 11am Getting Started with the Science Capital Teaching Approach
This session will include a brief overview of the different aspects of the science capital teaching approach and how it can be used to engage students in physics and bring lessons to life. We will look at ideas for getting started whether it’s as an individual teacher or across the whole department. There will be suggestions for further reading and resources. Led by Kerry Colyer, IOP Teacher Support Coach 

11.15 am – 12.15pm The Physics of Motorsport – or how to get round a track quickly.
This is a themed session, rather than aimed at a specific topic area. A hook into something that interests a student can have a huge impact on their engagement and achievement. This session examines many aspects of motorsport and the physics behind it, with theory levels ranging from KS3 to A-level. Led by Ant Cliffe, IOP Teacher Support Coach

1 – 2pm Physics Fighting Fake News
That “one small step” in 1969 launched a raft of conspiracy theories based on poorly understood physics. Indeed, these days it seems that the hard work of honest physics educators is eclipsed by a huge amount of disinformation and opinion masquerading as scientific fact. In this session, we’ll go back through the Apollo archives and pick out some examples that can be used in your curriculum but also prove that the astronauts in question were on the Moon. Our students must not have their imaginations limited by stereotypes and misinformation delivered to them by their phones. Train them to question it! Led by Graham Perrin, IOP Teacher Support Coach

2.15 – 3.15pm Fun with images… help with ray diagrams
This session will look at different ways to teach about ray diagrams which together with suggestions for short attention grabbing demos will help to demystify what can be a tricky area of the physics curriculum. The session will be aimed at KS3 and KS4 GCSE. Led by David Farley, IOP Teacher Support Coach

4.30 – 5.30pm Forecasting Solar Radiation Storms
Severe Space Weather events pose a significant radiation risk to astronauts and space-borne technology. NASA intends to send humans back to the Moon in 2024 when the Sun’s magnetic activity is expected to be high. It is consequently vital that we have a reliable system of forecasting when a radiation storm might occur so that the astronauts can take cover. In this talk we will look at the kinds of events which are believed to be responsible for causing this radiation: solar flares and coronal mass ejections. We will see how the particles accelerated in these large eruptive events can cause damage to people and electronic systems, and we will look at why the forecasting of these storms is so challenging. Keynote from University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

6.30 – 7.30pm Tones Tines and Tings
This session is full of ideas and demonstrations that focus on aspects of sound waves in the curriculum and beyond, e.g. how to turn a tuning fork and a magnet into model guitar pick up! These ideas tell a story based on the development and usage of oscillation and vibration in music and communication. Includes many more ideas using lab equipment and some musical instruments. This presentation has been developed in memory of Anthony Waterhouse, and is supported by the Fellowship scheme offered annually through the Institute of Physics. Suitable for teachers of physics at KS3, KS4 and KS5. Led by David Cotton, IOP Teacher Support Coach

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