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16 January 2021
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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A day designed to inspire your teaching, enhance and develop your physics skills and present new ideas and suggestions for your classroom.

This free event is for all teachers of physics, technicians and trainees and is organised by the Institute of Physics and is associated with Leeds University.
Experienced coaches and presenters will lead sessions to develop your confidence and pedagogical approaches to make teaching more engaging. The event provides an immediate opportunity to learn new techniques,network with teachers in your area and meet with the IOP coaches.

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10.00   Login and welcome to attendees

10.10   Keynote Talk “CERN and the Higgs – What’s next?” Jeff Wiener, Teachers Programme Manager, CERN, Geneva: CERN is one of the world’s largest centres for fundamental scientific research, bringing together more than 20 000 people from around the world. Among its recent success stories is the discovery of the Higgs boson. In this talk, a brief introduction to CERN is given, and potential scenarios for the future of particle physics are discussed. Various educational programmes and opportunities for teachers to interact with CERN are highlighted.

10.55   Break & session switch over

11.00   Workshops A & B (including a short break)

Workshop A, Breakout Room 1, “Inclusive physics teaching” Daisy Fox & Cara Hutton, IOP Coaches: This session aims to explore some of the ways you can make your physics lessons as inclusive as possible. This will include both your classroom practice and also the resources you use and your classroom itself. As part of the session you will have the opportunity to consider applying some of these ideas to a practical activity.

Workshop B, Breakout Room 2, “Applying Cognitive Load Theory to Physics lessons” Dan Hannard, IOP Coach: Dan gives a brief introduction to the main ideas of Cognitive Load Theory, and how you can apply some simple techniques in the classroom to maximise the learning of your students. 

11.50   Workshops C & D 

Workshop C, Breakout Room 1, “Using Tracker Video Analysis Software” David Farley IOP Coach: There are many practical situations in school physics which are hard to demonstrate and even more difficult to get measurements from.  Tracker is free video analysis software which allows you to analyse your own video clips.  Ideal for mechanics and other parts of the curriculum including spectroscopy.  The session will not aim to train you in using the software; that is well covered by the developer’s YouTube videos. Instead, using live demonstrations, this session will look at some of the experiments and applications of the software that can help bring physics alive and certainly make it more accessible.

Workshop D, Breakout Room 2, “Laying foundations, filling gaps and building confidence” Vicki Parry, IOP Coach: This session will focus on how you can support students who have missed education, especially following recent school closures. The gaps in their learning may not be limited to science, but if they are behind in literacy and numeracy or struggle with classroom socialisation, these can all cause barriers to their progression and confidence in your lesson. We will explore ways to support them in their science learning, identifying gaps and supporting them in filling them, building skills, knowledge and confidence. This subject content we focus on will be KS3, but the techniques and ideas will be relevant to KS4 as well.

12.35   Break for lunch

13.05   Plenary Talk “Stories from Physics” Richard Brock, Lecturer in Science Education, King’s College, London: This session examines the role of stories in teaching physics and introduces some research related to both the affordances and potentially distracting nature of stories in the classroom. The session will also include some storytelling of tales from the history of physics and contemporary research as featured in the IOP stories from physics booklets.

13.50   Physics Quiz, Prizes & Evaluation

14.15   End of conference

14.20   Optional Sessions

Breakout Room 1: Help! (with KS3, KS4 Physics)

Breakout Room 2: Help! (with KS5 Physics)




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  • Online Event, accessed via provided meeting link,
  • England

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