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25 May 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Space has never been so close – with electronics getting smaller and smaller, so do satellites that can be deployed to observe the Earth’s surface and carry communications across the globe. Similarly rockets taking them to space are now of a size that they can be deployed rapidly and from many new locations, including Scotland. In fact, across our engineering hubs, spaceports and data centres, Scottish Space Industry is soaring high amongst the newcomers to the new space race.

Robin Hague, Skyrora Ltd

Robin Hague is Head of Launch for Skyrora. Following an MSc in Hybrid Rocket Engines at Salford University, Robin worked on propulsion for the X-Prize entrant Starchaser in Cheshire, contributing to test firing 10 and 30kN engines at the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton. Moving to Doosan Babcock, he developed robotics for nuclear safety, before returning to rocketeering at Bolton Technical Innovation Centre where he developed ‘Black Streak’ – a 2-stage rocket for school science projects. Robin joined the Edinburgh start-up Skyrora in 2018. Skyrora aims to provide low cost access to space for small satellite manufacturers, using a multi-stage rocket powered by the UK’s traditional rocket propellant – Hydrogen Peroxide and Kerosene. Skyrora’s corporate mission emphasises education and sustainability. Robin has been a regular contributor to the monthly magazine ‘All About Space’, and developed the world’s first and only rocket-powered Sinclair C5 in 2006 – fuelled by fish and chips (sic).

Matjaz Vidmar, University of Edinburgh
Matjaz Vidmar is a researcher, lecturer and strategist at the University of Edinburgh and at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. He is an (Astro)Physicist by training, now examining innovation and (inter-)organisational change, as well as other social dimensions of Astronomy and Outer Space Exploration and Industry. In addition, he is involved in many international initiatives to develop the future of these fields as well as lecturing, tutoring, mentoring and delivering extensive public engagement programme. You can find more at https://www.roe.ac.uk/~vidmar/


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