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28 January 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Session Objectives
In this session we’ll examine different models for teaching electricity and discuss the relative merits for teaching current, potential difference and resistance to ages 11-14. Some of the ideas we will explore further are covered in the IOP DOMAINS CPD video on Using models to explain simple circuits.

The new IOP DOMAINS CPD videos on electricity are available on IOPSpark at https://spark.iop.org/electricity-cpd-videos.

We will explore misconceptions held by students and how we can use some practical activities to overcome these. By the end of this session you will know what the most common misconceptions are and some ways to address these.
We would encourage you to watch some of these videos before the session.

Who is this event suitable for?
This event is for all teachers of physics. We welcome student teacher trainees, NQTs and ECTs. Come and meet other early career teachers! This event will cover key areas within the secondary physics curriculum and will be based on the new IOP DOMAINS electricity CPD videos. Experienced IOP coaches will host the session and will be there to expand on the content, answer your questions and provide support.

Regional events
This is a regional event but we welcome colleagues from other regions.

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The CPD videos supporting this session are available as part of the IOP DOMAINS CPD Programme at https://spark.iop.org/iop-domains-physics-cpd-programme
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