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25 March 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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For the next half term our DOMAINS CPD programme will focus on Light, Sound and Waves.
Live online CPD sessions will build on the content of the CPD videos and provide opportunities for discussion and questions.

This workshop will be aimed at the teaching of the 14-16 and 16-19 age groups as regards aspects of light involved with its wave nature. We will cover some of the many student difficulties with this topic, provide links to online resources and share ideas for how to improve understanding of the topic.

Why not join one of our live CPD sessions and experience the benefits yourself!

Videos supporting these sessions are available now to watch and each are no more than 20 minutes long. We encourage you to view one or more before the event.

The video supporting this session are available at


The IOP DOMAINS CPD Programme has been developed and is delivered by experience physics coaches offering tailored content to meet the needs of everyone involved in teaching physics.

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