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1 March 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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WJEC GCSE Physics Unit 2.7 (DA Unit 6.5) “Types of Radiation” Monday 01 March 6pm

Join the IOP Wales team on Monday 01 March at 6pm to discuss ways of teaching this topic and to share ideas with colleagues from across Wales. We will bring to life the structure of the nuclear atom and how it is represented using atomic notation. You will find out how the spontaneous nature of nuclear decay and the nature of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, can be modelled with the analogy of changing a baby’s nappy! Hear the story of how Rutherford, despite his oft-quoted surprise at the results of his scattering experiment, actually knew what the outcome would be. We will show you how students can be supported in producing and balancing nuclear equations for radioactive decay, by the use of nuclear decay chains. We will take you on a journey deep into the atom and back out to help you develop your teaching knowledge and strategies. To complement the session, full supporting notes and resource list will be provided to attendees.

All are welcome e.g. Teachers (physics specialists and non-specialists), NQT’s etc. and it is a good opportunity to see what other teachers are doing in these unusual times.
Booking is essential . We hope to see you there.

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