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10 June 2020
9:45 am - 3:15 pm
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This year’s Rugby Physics day is moving to an online webinar / workshops to be held on 10 June. Aimed at anyone involved with teaching physics, there’s something for everyone – teachers (whether physics is their main specialism or not), technicians, trainees… all are welcome.

The programme is as follows:

09:45 Introduction
10:00 Workshops A and B
10:30 Workshops C and D
11:00 Follow up Q&A
11:30 Break
11:45 Workshops E and F
12:15 Workshops G and H
12:45 Follow up Q&A
13:15 Break
13:30 Workshops I and J
14:00 Workshops K and L
14:30 Follow up Q&A
15:00 Closing remarks
15:15 Close

Workshop descriptions
Workshop A – Tracking Motion, David Ceclich and Peter Tiktin
Using free software to track motion and calculate velocities and accelerations. Useful for KS3 through to A level, both at home and at school.
Workshop B – Electromagnetism, Giles Ennis
Workshop C – Washing up bowl physics, Sue Woolhouse
Workshop D – Rock’n’Roll Physics: guitars, physics and Phyphox, Mark Whalley
Workshop E – Better circuits with better models, Ian Horsewell
Misconceptions and how to address these from the start
Workshop F – Energy, Peter Tiktin
Introducing energy at KS3 without confusing the students
Workshop G – 10 years of ‘What Happens Next?’, David Featonby
Workshop H – Science Capital, Laura Wharton
An introduction to the science capital teaching approach with guidance on how to apply it
Workshop I – Speed of Waves, Giles Ennis, Helen Pollard and Greg Richards
Comparing solids / liquids / gases with simple kit
Workshop J – EM Waves: Hands-on, minds-on, Nicky Thomas
Workshop K – Light and sound, Gerard Hallows
Workshop L – Teacher ‘speed-presenting’
3 minutes and swap – sharing something to use immediately

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