Physics Coaching Seminar – Science Capital and Light

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10 December 2019
10:30 am - 4:00 pm
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A seminar run by the IOP professional practice group, for anyone supporting teachers of physics. The morning will focus on applying the science capital teaching approach to physics teacher CPD. The afternoon will look at developing the pedagogical content knowledge of teachers around the subject of light.

The science capital teaching approach suggests three pillars that underpin science teaching; personalising and localising, eliciting, valuing and linking and building the science capital dimensions.
Within CPD this means building a teacher’s physics capital and helping them make new connections with their physics subject knowledge The session will tailor this approach to our CPD sessions.
1. Personalising and localising
Situating examples within the immediate locality of the school. This can help us build a relationship with teachers. Exploring the school’s local community helps make training relevant to their students’ needs
2. Eliciting, valuing and linking
Linking to the science specialist’s own area of expertise.
3. Building the science capital dimensions

Please bring a recent CPD session outline, a school lesson plan and something you are planning for this term for us to discuss and tweak for next time.

Seeing the light
There are many challenges when teaching light. As a physics coach we need to decide on what pedagogy needs a clear focus to help our teachers with:
• Drawing and interpreting ray diagrams
• Identifying misconceptions about seeing and what to do about it
• Managing practical work in darkness

Please bring along your favourite coaching resources for this topic to share with the group.


  • Institute of Physics
  • 37 Caledonian Road , London, N1 9BU
  • England


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