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24 June 2021
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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In this session IOP coaches Maria Marchesini and Elizabeth Hutchins will be looking at Waves calculations, and is aimed at teachers whose specialism is outside of physics.

We will be explaining calculations associated with the Wave topic at KS4. This will include:

  • the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves (with some examples)
  • Wave characteristics (amplitude, wavelength, frequency, time period)
  • Wave speed equation
  • Equation linking time period and frequency
  • Sound and ultrasound, using speed=distance/time in ultrasound calculations
  • EM waves with wave speed equation practice
  • Time permitting – lenses, ray diagrams and magnification

Before the session you may wish to watch the IOP DOMAINS CPD videos on light, sound and waves here. The session will be hosted on Zoom and participants are encouraged to submit questions in the chat function during the session.

Attendance is open to all but preference will be given to teachers from schools currently taking part in the Stimulating Physics Network if oversubscribed.

  • Available Spaces: 34
  • Contact Details: education-leak@iop.org


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