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Research Question


So I’m thinking that the research question is actually going to be pretty direct:


Can we identify the 12 teachers registered as qualified physics teachers by the GTCW in the age range 35-39 years of age working in Welsh schools in 2014?


Because this is the question we really want answered due to the small number. By which I mean that we can actually find these 12 and hopefully maintain a dialogue with them. There are then further questions that arise from that:

  • Are the GTCW figures correct? Are there more teachers out there than the figures suggest?
  • Have we lost teachers or did we not recruit them in the first place?
  • If we lost teachers, where did they go?
  • Is it a gender issue? (Maternity might play a part in such a small number).
  • Are those 12 FTEs?
  • Have they been in contact with the IOP at all?


and of course if it really is that case then we might want to consider what to do about it.

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