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Survey Questions

I want to find out if these numbers are really true. We tried an initial e-mail out to “mates” and we think we might have a couple of the 12 in the 35-39 age group but it’s suprising that there aren’t more and it sort of backs up the figures. If there really are only 12 we ought to be able to find them and then see if they can shed any light on their peers. I think I’m going to start with an online survey. It will need:

  • Introduction
  • Ethical statement
  • Age and dob as a cross check.
  • What about gender?
  • Current or last school, name and postcode
  • What about type of school? State, independent etc (not that independent schools don’t require GTCW registration – which could mean matters are worse if an independent school teach is actually registered).
  • Qualifications – academic and professional
  • Size of department
  • Whether registered with GTCW
  • Whether still in teaching what about whether they’re in Wales or not? They might still be teaching but elsewhere.
  • (Last) year of teaching
  • Proportion of time table teaching physics and other science or other subjects
  • A level or GCSE teaching
  • Contact details
  • Thank you

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