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3rd Draft – for comment – this is for the survey.


Ethical statement

This research is being carried out by Gary Williams who works for the Institute of Physics and who can be contacted at [email protected]. The aim of the research is to assess the current provision of qualified physics teachers in Wales by government and offer advice on future recruitment. At any time you may withdraw from the research either by not completing surveys and/or interviews, asking for any data relating to you to be anonymised, or asking for that data to be deleted all together. On proof of identity any details held will be made available to that person. As it is our intention to interview a selection of those taking part in the survey there clearly will be a need to circulate contact details between the interviewee and the interviewer. However, identities are not critical to this research and passing on of contact details or other identifiable responses  will be kept to an absolute minimum, and never passed on to a third party. For most taking part there will be no use of contact details at all.

For those not registered with the GTCW (General Teaching Council for Wales, http://www.gtcw.org.uk) you should be aware that there are no sanctions taken against individuals by the GTCW for those not registered. No personal details will be passed to the GTCW nor any recieved.
Findings of the research will be included in a paper to be published in a peer reviewed journal, but will also be available on request and may be disseminated through professional networks. Data will be stored on-line via a password protected portal initially and then downloaded to be kept in a password protected folder. The on-line data will then be removed so that only one copy remains.

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