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3rd Draft for comment 


* denotes complulsory question


  1. *Please tell us which age range you fell into on 1st March 2014 (Buttons:(20-24)(25-29)(30-34)(35-39)(40-44)(45-49)(50-54)(55-59)(60-64)(65-69)(70+))
  2. *When was your month and year of birth? (Spaces for month and year)
  3. Gender – (Buttons) (Male) (Female) (Other – comment space) (Prefer not to say)
  4. *Are you registered with the General Teaching Council for Wales (GTCW)? (Yes) (No) (Don’t know)(Not relevant – temporary arrangement)
  5. *Do you have QTS (qualified teacher status)(Yes) (No)
  6. What is the highest academic qualifications that you hold?  (Subject – comment box) Level (Doctorate) (Masters) (Degree) (Other – comment box)
  7. Institution where studied (Comment box)
  8. What professional qualifications do you hold? (BEd)(PGCE)(None)(Other – comment box)
  9. Institution where studied (Comment box)
  10. Year of award (Comment box)
  11. *Please provide details of the current or last school in which you taught in Wales, (All space) (School Name) and (Postcode) (County)
  12. *When did you last teach in this school? (2014) (2013) (2012) (2011) (2010) (Before 2010)
  13. What type of school/employer is this? (State), (Independent) (Supply Agency) (Other – comment box)
  14. Which of these post titles have you held? (Teacher) (Head of Department) (Supply Teacher) (Advisory Teacher) (Head of Faculty)(Senior Management) (Other relevant – comment)
  15. Are you employed (Full time) (Part time) (Supply)
  16. What proportion of your time table is spent teaching physics? (Comment box)
  17. Please provide your contact e-mail. (Comment box)
  18. Thank you for taking part in this survey.


Shortened, four questions removed. Changed the time flow of the questions so it should sort of follow their experience. Thank you needs improving – look in RMiE.

The questions lost are about the number in the science dept and how many teach physics. We don’t perhaps need these but they might have been useful if someone not a physicist had filled it in and might have pointed us to someone who hadn’t. Also the questions about what level they teach at and other subjects they teach. Level probably isn’t needed for this but knowing how many and who is teaching A level might have been handy. Other subjects might be useful if it had shown physics teachers teaching IT and electronics for instance. Might be better to put that back in with a change to available answer?

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