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Draft  – for comment. Haven’t though  about other science teachers in the questions section. I think I’ll use Google forms to do the survey.

Introduction (to the survey)

The Institute of Physics (www.iop.org) is interested in the age distribution of those teaching physics in Wales. By taking part in this survey you will be helping to make sure Wales has an appropriate number of experienced physics teachers for the coming years. As part of this research we also intend to interview a small number of those taking part in this survey, so we hope you will provide contact details and consent. Those not selected for interview will have their contact details deleted to ensure anonymity. Findings of this research will be anonymised and then made available publicly and used to inform policy decisions.

Please pass the link to this survey on to as many teachers of science who have taught in Wales in the last ten years as you can. The more informed we are, the more we can help.


This survey consists of 21 questions and should take you no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Compulsory questions are marked with an asterisk, *.


I think this is done now. Use a permalink if you want to comment on this post specifically. Check time during trials.

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