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I’ve shut the survey today and will start looking at the data.

  1. The survey ran from 3/4/2014 to 17/12/2014. The last data was entered on 10/22/2014.
  2. First thing to do is weed out duplicate entries. The raw data was copied into a new sheet and sorted by school. All those entries that appeared to be the same were removed. It is possible that two teachers from the same school answered questions in the same way (though not very likely) but less likely that they would have the same contact details, if they entered them. Where it was obvious that the entried were the same any comments were put together so none werre lost. Then the data was sorted by contact details and duplicates removed, this got rid of one entry. The data was then sorted by month and year of birth and further duplicates removed.
  3. Sorting by GTCW registered leaves 98 entries, 57% of the total.
  4. Plotting these figures gives a graph that shows a dip in the age range. So contacting people who have completed the survey and left details and asking if they know the whereabout of any of these “missing” staff is one follow up. There also seems to be more older physics teachers than the GTCW have registered. It could be that these people are not registered as physics teachers but as management? We need to e-mail GTCW and ask about this as well as e-mail folk who filled in the form.
  5. We need to create categories and code concerns in the comments as well.
  6. We need to e-mail the people with contact information and ask them if they know of anyone who left. Some contact data is mobile phone…
  7. We also need to e-mail more widely to try and track these leavers down. All of which should be left to after Xmas.

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