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These motors used to be available from MUTR but no longer appear to be. Anyone know of another supplier or similar product?

Air Motors
Air powered motors are used in a variety of toys and models, but up until now it has been impossible to obtain them as separate power units (other than relatively expensive CO2 gas power units for model aircraft. Mutr now offer two types each with an integral high pressure reservoir. A special pump is available, but ordinary cycle pumps with car valve type termination can be used with an adaptor.
Pump  Code APE 003 Price £2.71  
Motor 1 – Medium Power Propeller Drive (blue one)
This is a single cylinder reciprocating motor with propeller. Originally designed for use in a model aircraft, it can be used, for example, to power a wheeled vehicle – giving rapid acceleration and speed.
Price: (each) 1-23  £3.80, 24+  £3.01 Code:  APE 004 
Motor 2 – High Power Propeller Drive (green one)
This is a more powerful version of Motor 1 and has a fixing harness. It has a fantastic power to weight ratio and is capable of taking off vertically if fully pressurised. This, too, can be used for powering wheeled vehicles.
Price: (each) 1-23 £3.80, 24+ £3.61 Code:  APE 002     
Pump Adapter  Code TA1 002A  Price £1.35 
Themes: Forces and motion, investigations, gas laws

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