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This is a quiet forum! I’ve spent a couple of days on Forces and Motion. I am conscious that a lot of work had already been put into this at the 2-day workshop, so there was a lot of useful material already in the file.

I will attach two files:

one is the Vue document;

the other is a Word file of comments and thoughts on what I have done and wherre we might go from here.

Because I have never worked out how to ‘attach a resource’, I will paste the Word doc below as well.

Any progress elsewhere?


Forces and motion

What I’ve done so far

I’ve been concentrating on getting the statements of concepts reasonably OK.

Added headings in grey boxes to each column, to make it easier to see what’s where.

Cut out duplicates, also a large number of statements which I considered over-detailed and which wouldn’t translate from one syllabus to another.

Corrected any errors – there weren’t many, as far as I could see.

Converted many ‘can do’ statements to statements of concepts.

Removed ‘perform calculations’ statements since this is implicit whenever a mathematical relationship is stated.

Put the grouped statements in order horizontally – there is a gradual build-up from left to right, but of course this is not unambiguous.

Ordered the statements in each vertical column so that thy start descriptive and become increasingly explanatory and mathematical as you go down.

Saved most of the contextual statements, without revising them much.


What I could do more of to improve this

Identify gaps that need filling.

Energy needs a bit of thought.


What might be done next

Without knowing the intended uses of this material, it’s hard to say.

Identify the BIG IDEAS such as energy, force, Newton’s laws – other concepts tend to flow from these.

Identify more contexts (which seem to be mostly applications and history).

Identify places where Ideas about Science (C21) can be developed.

Think about how anyone is going to get anything out of this for their own uses.


Comments on Vue

I obviously haven’t got to grips with all the possibilities/features.

It would help if there was a background grid to align things against. Also a snap-to-grid facility.

It would be good to be able to draw lines around groups of columns to show how things form blocks.

It would be good to be able to insert space between columns so that new boxes can be added, without having to zoom out and drag stuff about.


1315467458forces and motion ds08sept11.vue

1315467491notes on forces and motion 08:09.doc

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