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Hi Lawrence

This all looks good. I’m in favour of including ‘applied physics’ statements. I also agree that we need statements about how to avoid getting in a twist over Newton’s third law, balanced forces etc. 

My original impression was that these maps were to be of use to anyone at all interested in the landscape of physics – teachers, general readers, even Michael Gove checking out Newton’s laws of thermodynamics. Now it seems that our audience is mainly teachers. (Is that right?) So we might have one layer with ‘correct’ physics statements, another with ‘advice on sorting out the concepts’, another layer with contexts, another with (links to) school-type activities and other resources, and so on.

Perhaps we are getting to the point where we can identify the different types of statements we have been generating and think about the architecture which will help teachers to find their way around them.

Are you going to next week’s workshop?






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