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OK, I think I’ve got it.

It’s not about the process of induction itself. This can indeed be a highly creative process, subject to Eureka moments and all the rest of it.


No. It’s that teaching that science is all about induction is lazy. And all too easy.

It conjours images of renaissance ‘computers’ slaving away over their log tables and their observations, doing interminable practicals of the same type that we subject our students to currently and somehow coming to some undoubted truth.

Teaching that science is constructed through induction leads students to believe that long hard slog with no spark of creativity, or no argument between hotheaded protagonists, leads them to feel that science is dull textbook stuff that just isn’t for them.


(Mind you, when I made my top set Year 11s sit down and plot a graph with just shy of 30 points on it the other day they thought that was dull and tedious, so heaven help the next generation of PhD supervisors… .)

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