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OK, two thoughts spring to mind here

First of all, the ‘black box’ concept used in object oriented programming (ie, the good kind) We might well end up with big ‘molecules’ that link to other ‘molecules’ in big concept ways, but allow the small detail fiddling within the ‘molecule’ completely unimpaired.


For instance, in C++ there is no complex number concept built in. It doesn’t matter from the outside if a routine calculates using an (x,iy) concept, or an (r, Embarassed) concept where Embarassed=theta. So from outside the ‘black box’ of say Newton’s 2nd law, it doesn’t matter how we arrange our momentums and our ma statements, they link to say, magnetism, in exactly the same way.


Secondly, we keep driving towards the final goals being the physical theories because we are all physicists.


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