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I think there will be  few users that need to maintain a strutured repository of files, for supporting a network. BUt most will be occasinally putting things up as a part of a dicusssion – “this is what I use”, or “this is what I mean”. The latter use is what TalkPhysics wil support effectively and natively.


Tagging will be of two kinds:

1) structured, by tick box, so applied every time a file is uploaded as a part of a discussion.

2) more free form , as currently in the box. (Gary – maybe try another browser to see if that is it – don’t know why you cannnot trype into the box to ccreate another one…)


re search. Agree that we may need to beef up the currrent internal search, but let’s wait until version 1.0 (Jan), and then see what might be useful after using that for a while.

At the moment Google can see inside the site if you set the permissions corecctly, but I don;t hink we want ot broadcast everything that members say….



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