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David and Christine – Hi thank you for checking.

Do you see an “Add a Resource” link just to the left of any of your old comments? If so, please could you try this. This attachment has worked for me as a normal user (that is when I’m not logged in as an administrator), and it is obviously crucial that this works for other users before we launch.

What does not work for me currently is embedding, that is clicking on the “insert/edit” buttons whilst writing a comment, and I think we will simply disable this feature as soon as we can (the developer is busy doing other bug fixes right now).

Graham – thank you for giving me feedback. But I can see an Excel spreadsheet attached to your last comment. Are you saying that this was not you, or that it did not attach in the way you expected?

Gary – unfortunately, Elgg simply does not allow for storing files in a structured way, with folders, etc. For internal IoP staff, we have a separate structured file server (at http://www.box.net), and it might be that we find a way of offering that at least to all IoP staff, such as yourself, and possibly also to some other heavy users. The developers could not find any social networking software that handled resources in that way (for instance, the phpBB we used for our residents association likewise only allowed “flat” file storage).


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