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I liked the subtle change to the homepage which meant that the log-in form appears first, and that clicking on the register button showed the different fields (this is what many of our users had reported they wanted).
However, this seems to have introduced a bug so that new users can’t register, for the moment.
I have requested action from our developer to either:
revert to showing the registration fields first (hopefully the fastest step), or
see if they can debug the current arrangement (the most valuable step).
There is a post at the bottom of this page: http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/brett.profitt/read/384488?release=19535&annoff=25 which seems to describe exactly our problem.
“@Brett – I appear to have this same issue with this plugin redirecting to the search string.  It appears to have something to do with having other forms on the same page.  My custom theme is enabling the search form to be visible whether logged in or not.  When I turn this off, your plugin works.  Turn it back on and it breaks.  I haven’t looked at it too closely but is is possible your javascript is linking into the search form on submit instead of the register form?
danielwells 18 days ago “

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