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> It’s just taken me 10 minutes to find my profile page — it didn’t occur to me that I could click “My Page” on the main menu bar.  Maybe I was being dense…  🙂  Perhaps it would be worth adding “My Profile” to the top of the drop-down menu, though?

Fair comment, and you’re not the first to hit this. It is becoming more common on website that the menu title is itself an item, but that is not, for instance, what users expect from Microsoft Word, etc. At least we should be able to do as you suggest, copying the menu name into the menu itself.

> The profile page widgets don’t have scroll bars.  So, for instance, I am limited to displaying 9 Groups that I’m a member of, which seems a strange restriction.

Thank you – I hadn’t noticed. I’ll look into this.

> The profile page has “About me”, but I can’t work out how to write anything in the box.  I’ve added something to “More about me” — but why the need for two similar things?

Oops, hadn’t noticed that either. I see what you mean. We’ll try to get that fixed.

> The edit profile screen asks for the DCSF number of the institution where I work.  I assume that this refers to the school…but it is unclear what “DCSF number” refers to.  I’m pretty sure my DCSF number is 5401 — but I’m also pretty sure that that is only meaningful if you also know that I’m in LA number 895 (Cheshire East).  There’s also the URN or the UKPRN (111464 and 10002402, respectively, for me, so not anything to do with any other numbers).  I am wondering what use the information would be, as an aside.  Edubase (.gov.uk) allows look-up by school name, should anyone want to (again, not sure why they’d want to).

I’ll clarify this with my colleagues (it may be that it was intended to be the Unique reference number (URN). It can be hard to find a school from a name that doesn’t exactly match the DCSF records, or if it has a common name, but we are asking for location as well, which normally resolves it, as you say).

> My Page would be improved by being able to add (via widgets) the forums of the Groups I’m in — ie the box you get when you click the “Group forum” link on the Group’s lading page.

Hmm, more broadly it gives you direct access to all your groups, and that’s a little different to the new dashboard tab, which reports only activity.

Would others find it useful?


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