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> 1) create a group and post there.  However, no-one would read it, as the new group would have no members.

This should be solved by the new “all open groups” tab in the Dashboard.

> 2) post to a generic, general, single TalkPhysics forum, the way I post to “PTNC”.  I would not wish to be restricted by having to choose an age range, or decide that it was “News and Comment”.
> …2) the whole posting mechanism is considerably simplified…

Yes, I understand what you mean, and (as I said in another reply), I think I’d like to see how this works in practice, then review it. You may well have pinpointed a structural difficulty that others will have, and may inhibit contributions.

> Either way, I would like to be forced (in order to post) to click one or more of four tick boxes to tag the post as 11-14, 14-16, 16-18 and/or N&C.  I would then like my post to appear on the Home page discussions feed, which users can filter by the same four tags as at present.  The point — the filtering should be done at the point of consumption, not creation.  (A consequence of not doing this is multiple posting — as Rick has done in both 11-14 and 14-16 this week.)

We will shortly have tags available, and searchable. Your idea goes beyond this by making them compulsory. Again, lets let this sit for a while.

> I hope that all makes sense — it’s very difficult to articulate!
It does, and provides an eloquent statement of why decent email software is so valuable. Let’s see whether we manage to emulate some of that functionality here, with the added bonus of everything else that the Web has to offer over email.

Thank you again for your contributions! Jon

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