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Excellent feedback – thank you.

Ok – some sites, such as box.net, will always be banned. If we move to another commercial UK file sharer (or BitTorrent), we’d probably find that banned by default. I think we each have to fight our internal school battles to show IT managers that they need to allow educational uses.

However, I’m persauded that there may be a problem with US hosting of large files. I’ll try to find a way of testing this – I’m unlikely to be at home on enough different times of different days to repeatedly download the file. Any other suggestions on how to test internet congestion? Is there a map or log anywhere (I couldn’t find anything)? I could ping repeatedly, but again it depends only on my own connection at the times I’m available to try.

I will explore the hosting available from within IOP Publishing (our Bristol arm hosts most of our web servers). Box.net came about because it offered the services that were needed at the time – we haven’t had a problem with congestion before.

Do bear in mind that all of this is evolving relatively quickly – the first attempt at hosting SPT online came less than 12 months ago, so this is a considerably more advanced discussion than was taking place 12 months ago!

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