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One more thing…


Under the search

Resources is now listing every comment. It should only be for comments with attached files. Or maybe this is just “comments”, but is mislabelled.

And another, linked

FIlenames: ? This seems to be a ragbag, including things which “are not available at this time”. I am not sure why we’d want users to be able to search for filenames separately from resources (see above). Really it should be be “resources” and point to comments that include an embedded file…that’s what we agreed resources would mean in the context of TP.

And another.

I think what is happening here is that its just doing a text search. If this is so, then we need to think carefully about what we’re doing to support tagging, and finding stuff by tags. So the searchbox should say “enter text”, not “enter keyword”, because there are no keywords (this term implies a defined list….) 


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