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A great set of prompts – I’ll check on some of this where I’m not sure.

We deliberately ensured you can change the colour schemes, for instance using Windows’ and Internet Explorer’s settings, or replacing the site’s style sheet with your own. Likewise, you can resize any fonts.

We depend on colour in one place – problems whilst registering. Someone using high contrast settings will not find the colour change – I’ll think again about this, maybe *invert* the contrast of the text and background, instead of subtly changing only the colour of the background [task 1]. We had allowed for users to set their own colours (rather than enforcing one), but your prompt has made me realise that’s not sufficient.

We haven’t tested it, but a screen reader should be fine with almost all of the display, but I notice that the “talkphysics.org” banner doesn’t seem to have an <alt> tag and neither do any icons on the page, so I’ll check what would happen with those. I thought that *every* graphic should have an alternate text description [task 2 – check and fix].

The navigation panels (tool bars, etc.) might require a “jump to content” button before the search box, to save hearing them every time [task 3].

I ought to try out a screen reader for myself, on this website and a few others for comparison [task 4].

We have worked with an experienced IOP staff member on some of these details, but I will discuss with the team the W3C guidelines as a whole [task 5].

I’ll also look out for some of these issues during the usability testing – some of the W3C are about intrinsic to good design, e.g. is there intuitive navigation on every page?, and I think some of this needs improving anyway [part of usability testing].

Hmm, the language settings apparently do nothing, as you say. I suspect we only have the English Elgg file installed. I believe Welsh is available, so the names of default controls could be changed (but not customised ones until someone sits and translates them, then a developer programs them – I think that is too low a priority) [task 6 – either remove language setting, or list only those for which we have installed files].

This makes me wonder about language support in general – given that the discussion is currently in English, can we support discussion in other languages? Online translators will be sufficient to let me check for spam, so maybe other languages can be welcomed? I expect posts in English will receive the most responses, as the pool of Welsh-speaking teachers is always going to be smaller than that of English-speakers, but that doesn’t strike me as a reason to restrict discussion to English, only a reason that a poster might choose English over their first language.

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