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Re 4), above — could do with excluding the groups I’m in, too.

So, the tabs would be:  The Hub, Groups I’m In (only) and Groups I’m Not In (no hub, no ones I’m in).

Not sure there’s a need for “Groups I made” — muddies the usuability waters again, I feel, but am happy to be corrected by people who use it all the time!

And, again, I’d collapse the Hub down into a single, filterable non-group — ie, users have to receive access to it, no opting out!

Quite probably, these two changes, together with a change to the formatting of the emails (including a “reply” button at the bottom of the HTML formatted email) would probably make TalkPhysics more attractive to me than continuing with PTNC as my primary communication method.  Soooo close!

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