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Common names – no, this isn’t dealt with by our new profile.

Hmm, an interesting one, and part of a whole class of fun problems that we need to solve for the days when we have 10 000 active users, with tens of thousands of posts, resources, etc.

We could put a link to their profile in the email alert? Especially as we are also going to encourage everyone to update their profiles. We could summarise their profile in the foot of the email, but that would seem to just clutter the email. Inside TalkPhysics, I wonder whether a typical user knows that they can click on the sender’s name to see their profile? Do enough people have their full names shown in the profile for that to be helpful?

Missing invititations – This is a bug, and one I thought we’d solved. We only have Tim for one day each week now, but I’ve passed on Ian’s missing names as urgent, and I’ll pass on yours too. Thanks for letting me know. If it’s really urgent, we can create the invitation links by hand. Bit of a faff, but possible.

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