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OK, couple of developments this morning. If anyone is interested you could try these out on your iPhone / BlackBerry / Android / etc. and let us know what you find:

iPhone – normally, the text box doesn’t seem to allow entry. However, if you click on the “HTML” button, you can then copy things in and press “update” and then “post”.

BlackBerry – just now, I found just a plain text box, managed to enter text and press “post”, and it all worked. I’m sure that’s not how it was two weeks ago?! Maybe I changed a setting on my phone.

So, please try entering text (perhaps as a reply to this topic) and see what happens, and if that doesn’t work, try pressing the HTML button first. We might be able to come up with a “quick and dirty” solution that works for everyone…

This is one of the improvements we’re currently trying to getting cost estimates for, as it would be a high priority to solve if we get development money.

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