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We’re (frustratingly…) close to making live our new profile page. This is mainly to let us collect the information we need to support trainee teachers, but also solves some of the irritations, such as only allowing lower case. It also replaces the free-text boxes with menus and checkboxes wherever possible, so we can analyse our user data in terms of, say, comparing usage between different countries (e.g. we seem to have very few users from the Republic of Ireland, but that’s one of the IOP’s home countries and should be represented as well as the UK relative to its population), and whether most of our users are teachers, or trainee teachers, or what have you.

We’re just doing some final testing (mainly to check that only those with key profile information completed can post, so we know who all the active users are).

As soon as its gone live, we’ll begin (gently…) getting people to update their profiles.

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