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Not clear how it is an improvement, as it doesn’t obviously offer anything that was absent-but-desired before?  Will we be able to filter members by fields (e.g. “teacher”?)?


The page displays fields that can’t be editted.  One field has no label.

Would like to see a field for “responsibility” — e.g. head of science, head of physics, classroom teacher, etc. — selected from a predefined list of options (to enable search/filter).

Not sure I prefer “family name” over the more ubiquitous “surname”.

“Interest in teaching physics”?  Seems like we’re playing at this whole “teaching physics” thing.  I understand the need, but not sure it solves the problem?

“About me” bit reformats the page to full width, which wastes a lot of space above it.

Widget for “groups” still limited in length.

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