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Hi – sorry if this comes across as a bit garbled. I’ve just fallen victim to being logged out before I’m finished and, uniquely, it even did it twice in a row five minutes apart – never seen that before…

You’ll be happy to know that That flaw should be gone by the start of the new term, by the way, as we’re having some usability work done, one part of which is to leave logged in for at least one month anyone who ticks “remember me”.


I’d hoped to portray that most of the improvements were for the IOP, rather than directly for users, but that at least it would sort out capital letters, etc.

The main problem previously was that the data couldn’t be used for any sort of searching or analysis because it was free-text. At least now it is constrained, e.g. postcodes. Yes, it is desirable to now let users get on with using it for something, such as finding people within a certain distance of you. Searching will be a priority if we get further development funding.

Which fields are displayed that you can’t edit?

For responsibilities, how about simply adding these to the list of interests, rather than giving an extra field? (oh, plus technician, which I’d left off).

Family name – yes, it just hadn’t come up in discussion here. How about the even clearer first name and “last name”, Facebook-style? It dawned on me that we could just have “name” Amazon-style, and show that name everywhere, but I’m sure someone will just put in “Jon” without a surname if we allow that.

“Interest in teaching physics” – we struggled to describe the pair of fields for interest and role. Any suggestions to distinguish that pair?

Thank you for the formatting pointers – I’ll add these to our list of issues.

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