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Yes, I am finding I agree with much of what Stuart and Mark are saying too.


  • ability to reply to email notifications rather than have to login to the website and reply. This would be the same as Facebook and many other systems I have seen. It required the forum system to be able to receive emails and work out which thread they are from. I believe there are plenty of systems out there that can do it.  I think the email aspect like PTNC is still important for some teachers and we will have a wider community if we retain something like this for those that want it.
  • Abliity to Favourite Messages so that I can come back to them later. Or maybe just the whole thread.
  • A better way to sort through Groups. Possibly something that allows you to sort them in an order of your choosing.
  • Login issues are a problem, this seems to be something shared by others.

If I think of anything else I will come back and add it 🙂

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