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Wow, thank you everyone. I feel like I’m returning late to my own party…

As ever, some great ideas from our critical friends. This gives a useful “steer”.

Some points raised are already included in the requirements we’ve drawn up for a replacement system. Just to pick one example, from Stu, that of trusting the textbox not to lose what you’re doing: we’ve already requested a save draft / preview / publish facility, like we have on the blogs.

Some other things we can deal with in the design stage – we’ve already requested more control over the menus, so we would hopefully be able to design and redesign the Groups I’m in / etc. anytime we like.

The login is a big one and is certainly in our requirements!

However, I don’t feel this has grappled with the forum vs social network dimension. Or is it confirming that the forum is the key part of TalkPhysics, and that social networking is less important?

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