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@ David…

One that offers open futures…! And a range of possibilities for differntially engaged people ( this measure itself will be time dependent). We don’t yet know what people might be perusaed to do — and perhaps nor do they.

..on mailing lists:

N&C can be used just like a mailing list, except that one has to follow a link to reply…. I suppose one view of what TP > PTNC is that you can choose to engage in debate with a limited number without either causing the mailbox of others to clog up unecessarily, or causing professional self-harm by misjudging the level of debate in a very large forum (Sunil?).

I accept that there are some user ‘set-up’ costs, not present in, say PTNC — which has no profile, although I suspect we still demand validation of email address (so kind of equivalent to Spam catcher on TP). At the moment there is no plan to terminate PTNC, but one might hope, over time, to offer such a thing, and a gentle on-ramp to richer offerings, all through TP. It depends on just how easy it is to mimic mailserver functionality through SN  (you’ve kindly indicated that Drupal can do so, apparently).

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