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Having listened to all of the above, I return to an original point :  do one thing well.  Other things can be added later.

PTNC does one thing well.  It connects us.  That’s it.  I can contact nearly 1000 other physics educationalists, most of them in exactly the same position as myself, in mere moments.  There’s no fuss, no difficulty, no problems.  It’s easy — it is, in fact, one thing done well.

TalkPhysics is not one thing done well.  It is a very large number of things, none of them done as well as PTNC does it’s one thing well.  But one or two of them are nearly there.  They could possibly get a whole lot nearer to being there right here on the current platform.

I understand the need to future-proof an investment, but technologies change and no choice that is made can be assumed to be the best one in even five years’ time.  Discussing the wonderous advantages of a new platform is a lovely diversion to actually achieving success in doing one thing well.  Switching to a new platform on the basis of social vs forum is a distraction — it will delay progress on important basics while providing support to do periphal things.  In five years’ time, when the basics are in place, there will probably be a better platform for the bells and whistles.

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