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The blue background on the emails doesn’t bug me too much — nice to have HTML emails, nicely formatted!  🙂  Might be nicer with a bit of blue top/bottom as well as sides, to complete the framing.


Emails to PTNC have the author as the email sender in the “From:” field, just like direct emails, rather than list-served ones.  The “To:” field says “PTNC” and the subject line has “[PTNC]” appended to the front of whatever the author wrote.  These are very intuitive steps that integrate seamlessly with all email software.


I would be surprised if these things could also not be done when the script is building the email ready for mass sending and I think it would be well worth it.  Currently my inbox (GMail) just shows “talkphysics        Comment for Forum topic: Small presentatio….” and then my window runs out of space.

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