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Minor, tiny little point (that PTNC does as well, but I don’t mind as it’s harder to access the afterwards content online) — possible to exclude the author from the email notification, so that they don’t get emailed the post they just made?


By the way, I know we’re all offering tweaks (ie thinly veiled criticism!)…but can I just say a huge “Well Done and Thankyou!” for the new email notification system.  Clicking the hyperlink is every bit as easy as pressing “reply”, meaning that I’m actually using TalkPhysics again!


On with the tweaks, then… 🙂


Replace the “Read more at [full hyperlink]” with a simple “Reply” or “Go to thread”?  Maybe a button?  Not sure why I’d want the hyperlink, and if I did I could get it myself.


Put the author’s name in a bold font?


Put the disclaimer/unsubscribe blurb in a tiny, greyed out font?  Perhaps inside the blue border bit?  Or (what I’d perhaps prefer) lose it altogether?  We’ve managed for years without it on PTNC and (in my mind) it clutters the message a bit.

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