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@Stuart – I’m happy, as ever, to receive the thinly veiled criticism – it lets us know what engaged users would like improved!


Thanks for the formatting feedback – yes, hopefully some fairly straightforward changes for the next stage of development which will make a noticeable difference for lots of people. I certainly miss the old header formatting myself! During development we got bogged down with some really, really serious issues (e.g. Drupal 7 had a massive bug for closed groups!!!), and it was a shame that we just had to let a bunch of things like this go, or we’d never have launched.


In the old site, members did not receive a copy of their own notifications, but I think that caused more difficulties than it solved – a few users contacted me wondering whether something was wrong, because they’d expected consistent behaviour.


@Ruth – thanks for the detail.


@Charles – yes, I spotted somewhere else that the HTML isn’t working, so will need to be stripped out. I’d prefer that the HTML worked, but at the least I’ll need to encourage users to go through and do stuff like tag resources, topics, etc. and update their About Me, and whatever that other place was…


Similarly, I could educate group owners – they’ve got more powers in the new system (e.g. they can edit topics, posts, etc. in their own groups), so now someone wanting a spelling (or ranting…) mistake fixed can at least preview their post (and step away from the keyboard for a coffee and a moment’s reflection), and ask either the group owner or a site admin to edit things.

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