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Please add originating group to subject. Current prefix is too wordy ‘comment from forum topic’ – especially for mobile devices.




Topic: ‘blah’ from group ‘groupname’


Or even


Topic: ‘ blah’ (groupname)


You might want to distinguish new topics form comments, which leads to 


‘blah’ (new topic from group <groupname>)


Or ‘blah’ (comment on topic from group <groupname>)


The verbiage is OK on the RHS, as skimming messages in inboxes proceeds from the LHS, with the RHS providing data for filtering.


Its essential to have the group names in to allow filtering: at the moment this is not possible, and given the primacy of groups, seems essential. It might even help feelings of  community, because then you could create inboxes of only your groups. At the moment all of the TalkPhysics notifications end up in one big heap, which defeats the group feel. As an email experience its a mega-large version of PTNC. Not the idea.

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